Our Step by Step Home Selling Process


Honesty & Integrity - I am a very honest and upfront person and will tell you exactly what you need to hear about your house so you are able to get the most amount of money for it.  You may not agree with everything I say, but I am hopeful you will respect that I am being truthful with you.  We respect your privacy and will keep all details of your transaction confidential at all times.


Communication - One of most important factors in a home sale is communication with your agent.  We schedule a task to communicate with you every week to give you updates on the process and answer any questions you may have.  We will always be reviewing the feedback, discussing changes that need to be made to the house or the pricing, and reviewing the comparables homes around you.


Experience - I have been in the real estate business over 14 years and in that time have sold over 500 homes in and around Dane, Sauk, Columbia, Rock, Green, and Walworth Counties.  I am very experienced with the process and proper execution of contracts, negotiating tactics, time management, and attention to details.  I know exactly what to look for when putting together an offer on your house to make sure you are getting the best terms and price for your home, so you are able to net the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time.  I have been consistently ranked in the top 5% of agents in the South Central Wisconsin MLS out of 3200+ agents averaging 40-50 sales per year.  In 2015 I was ranked 141 out of 3242 agents with 41 transactions.  My average days on the market was 53 days, my list price to sale price ratio was 97% which is over 1% higher than the MLS average.


Flexibility - I am extremely flexible to work with.  I own my own company and call make decisions based on each situation and don’t have to answer to anyone on how I handle my business.  None of my listing agreements are set in stone.  I give you an unconditional cancellation guarantee that you can exercise at no cost at anytime.


Team - I currently have team that consists of myself as the team leader, 1 outside sales agent, 1 inside sales agent, 1 listing/closing coordinator.  We have built a system that runs automatically through out the listing and closing phases.  All details are covered so nothing ever gets missed.



Here’s How Our 15 Step 108 Task Listing/Closing System Works


Step 1 (Initial evaluation and consultation) - First thing we do is review the market.  We search similar comparable homes in your immediate area that are similar in age and characteristics.  We will produce full CMA report that will analyze the homes and give you a detailed number that your home will sell for.  In this step we will provide you with a net sheet so you will know exactly to the penny what you will walk away with in your home sale after all closing costs and commissions.  This is the most critical step as it will define how the process will move going forward.  If you are priced too high, you will sit on the market and ultimately lose value every day.  Pricing it right can get you more money than you expect.


Step 2  (Staging/Pre-inspection) - Your home must be presented in the best possible condition and be free of clutter in order to wow a potential home buyer.  It is also highly recommended that you perform a pre-inspection of your home to isolate any potential issues that can be avoided later


Step 3  (Listing plan activation) - Once we have agreed to do business together, we enter your home and contact information into our Top Producer Management System and execute the listing plan.  This 42 task plan guides us through the entire listing process starting with sending you the listing agreement electronically to sign through Docusign.  Docusign is a great tool used to speed up the process of the offers once we receive them as well.  Once we complete this task then everything else in the plan kicks into action.


Step 4 (Listing plan cont’d) - We have various tasks internally that we complete that ensure a smooth process including weekly follow up calls to you, weekly follow up on showing feedback, monthly market reviews, electronic file sharing, and storage, along with various others.  Pictures and lock box are top priority, and sign is ordered (takes up to 5 business days to be installed by sign company) to start things off.  Once we have the pictures, we can proceed with putting the listing on the MLS.


Step 5 (Launch marketing plan)  

  • Internet syndication - Your listing will be found on every website that displays MLS listings.  90% of home buyers start their search on the internet, and that is why it is so important to have a strong internet presence.  Your listing will be found on Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Wisconsinhomes.com, and thousands of other real estate websites that show listings in your area.

  • Facebook - In addition to the typical home marketing we use targeted demographic marketing on Facebook to market to people who may not otherwise have seen your home for sale.

  • Buyer Recruitment System - As a seller client of ours you will benefit from our ongoing buyer recruitment system.  We have been marketing to buyers for several years with paid Google and Bing advertising.  These buyer leads are typically 12 months out on the average and we have a strategic follow up plan consisting of phone calls, emails, and text messages to find out a buyers timing and motivation.  These buyers are segmented on our database and we can very easily pinpoint buyers searching now and in your area.  We sent a mass email out to those buyers alerting them of your new house listing.

  • Dedicated Inside Sales Agent - We won’t miss following up with you or with any lead that inquires on your home.  We have a dedicated inside sales agent that is calling leads and prospects on a daily basis.  Agents get busy and could never perform at this level without a team.

  • Professional pictures and Virtual Tour - We hire a photographer to professional pictures with wide angle view and a virtual tour of the property.  

  • Cancellation Guarantee - I give every client of mine and unconditional cancellation guarantee that if you for whatever reason what to cancel our agreement, you can do so at anytime for any reason.  No questions asked.


Step 6 (Weekly communication) -  We will follow up with you weekly to check in on the status of the listing, go over feedback, review market, review marketing results, etc.  We typically email this info to you and contact you that way because most of our clients are very busy and prefer that.  If you prefer that we call each time, please let us know so we can make sure that happens.  This will be scheduled on the same day each week and should be on or around the same day as today unless not a business day.


Step 7 (Showings) -  Showings should be happening at a rate of 2-3 per week.  If not, we either have a slow market or a price issue.  Something we would address with you as we go along.  If we are priced right and you do get the average showings per week you most certainly should expect to see an offer within 30 days.  If not, we again need to figure out the issue and address it quickly.  We use Showing Time Feedback system.  This 3rd party company coordinates all showing requests of your property.  They will call, text, and/or email you when a showing is requested.  After the the showing is complete, showing agents will submit feedback after the showings and we will use this as a tool to see what changes need to be made and potentially make suggestions to them that could potentially entice the to make an offer.


Step 8  (Market reviews) -  We will perform monthly detailed market evaluations on your home and go over new listings, accepted offers, sales, and expired properties in your immediate area that are similar.  This will also be emailed to you daily as these properties have status changes so you are up on the market in your area.  We recommend making adjustments to the price at around every 2-3 weeks.  You will get the most money out of your sale when you are aggressive on the price in the first 30 days.


Step 9  (Offers & Negotiations) - We will go over every offer we receive on your house with you in great detail and make sure the terms of the offer are in your best interests, and that everything is accounted for so there are no surprises.  We use docusign to quickly respond to offers because timing is everything.


Step 10 (Offer acceptance) -  Once we get an offer accepted we enter those details into our system and launch the accepted offer plan.  This plan consists of 66 separate tasks and is automated and runs just like the initial listing plan with a whole new series of tasks to be completed.


Step 11 (Accepted offer plan cont’d) - In this step we have various internal tasks that we complete to move the process forward.  We log the contingency deadlines, order title policies and set up closing, ensure all parties in the transaction have complete copies of the signed contract.  You will receive an automated email with everything you will need to know going forward and we will continue to contact you weekly with updates on the process


Step 12 (Contingencies) - Starting after offer acceptance we monitor the contingency deadlines and ensure all deadlines are met.  Earnest money, inspection, radon or other tests, appraisal, and financing are the most common that you will see in every offer.  Typically financing contingencies are the longest at 30-45 days after offer acceptance.  We check with the buyer's lender every week for updates on the financing and report any issues back to you.


Step 13 (Pending status) - Once all contingencies are met you are placed in pending status.  In this step we will remind you to take care of utilities being disconnected, movers set up, and prepare you for the closing by reviewing the numbers on the settlement statement and matching them to the numbers we provided you on the net sheet at the start of this process.


Step 14 (Closing) - Your job is easy when we get to the closing.  You sign a few documents including the deed, settlement statement, and a few other title company disclosures.  Once the buyer has completed signing their mortgage documents your home sale is officially closed and you receive your proceeds from the sale.


Step 15 (Past client follow up) - After the sale we are not done with you yet!  We will place you on a past client follow up system that we add you to our monthly mailing list, monthly email list, and check in with you 2x per year to stay in touch and answer any real estate related questions you have.